Managing Agents and Distributors

Topic covered

  • Overview of options for routes to market – one size does not necessarily fit all
  • The differences between Agents and Distributors and how the operate, including cost advantages and disadvantages
  • Considerations regarding territory and the differing levels of authority
  • Legal considerations – Competition Law and the EU Commercial Agents Directive
  • Contracts – key elements to include in Agency & Distributor agreements
  • How to select a good agent/distributor and pitfalls to avoid
  • Ways to manage your overseas partner and keep them motivated
  • Where to find help
  • Understand the difference between agents and distributors and their respective roles
  • Know the key points to consider when selecting and appointing an Agent or a Distributor
  • Understand how Agents and Distributors can help you grow your business overseas


This is an interactive, online course designed to help participants understand how working with Agents and Distributors can help grow their business overseas. It will explore the different aspects of the legal relationship between the principal and the appointed partner, the cost implications to the business, along with guidance on how to successfully approach the selection, appointment and management process.

Helping companies to understand the practical and legal implications of working with agents and distributors in comparison with alternative market entry options, this workshop prepares companies for the development of an appropriate export strategy for their target market.

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