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St Andrews Management Centre is an approved centre of the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

We deliver the SQA units for workplace assessors & verifiers. The assessor/verifier units are the benchmarks of good practise that ensure that workplace assessment and verification is carried out consistently across all occupational areas.


L&D9D: Assess workplace competence using direct methods. 

This unit is for those who assess in the workplace using the assessment methods observation, related questioning and inspecting work products (created at the time of the observation).


L&D9DI: Assess workplace competence using direct and indirect methods

This unit is for those who assess in the workplace using a wide range of assessment methods, both direct and indirect.


L&D11: Internally Monitor and Maintain the Quality of Workplace Assessment

This unit is for those monitoring assessment processes and decisions within an organisation; helping to maintain & improve the quality of workplace assessments. The internal quality assurance process being conducted by the internal verifier candidate is predominately for SVQs, but can be work-based qualifications or in-house standards.


SVQ’s in Business Administration

St Andrews Management Centre are accredited to offer SVQ’s in Business Administration at SCQF levels 5,6, 7 & 8.

SQA’s Professional Development Awards enable candidates to develop and enhance skills in the workplace in a targeted and flexible way.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) funding may be available to cover all or part of the costs of these qualifications, subject to the candidate meeting SDS criteria. Please contact us for more details enquiries@stamc.co.uk


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